by Ben Nardolilli


I started thinking that I should be thankful

I didn't have cancer, in the end

I just put down the cigarettes and took up

The sweets, from table to mouth,

In them were other complications,

But I never cured them, I didn't have cancer.


I remembered all the people with no job,

Masses looking for employment,

It helped when my thumb got caught in the slicer,

And the deep fryer burned my elbow,

I was lucky enough to have any job,

Plus, who ever looks straight at an elbow?


I thought about all the homeless people,

So I didn't complain about the roof,

Those leaks were nothing compared

To the storms others endured,

I was lucky enough it was water, not bombs,

Until things collapse I have it easy.




Ben Nardolilli currently lives in Arlington, Virginia. His work as appeared in Perigee Magazine, Red Fez, One Ghana One Voice, Caper Literary Journal, Quail Bell Magazine, Elimae, fwriction, Grey Sparrow Journal, Pear Noir, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, and Yes Poetry. His chapbook Common Symptoms of an Enduring Chill Explained has been published by Folded Word Press. He maintains a blog at and is looking to publish his first novel.


This poem originally appeared in issue 6.