by Alexander Wyatt




False name, false destiny,

Caught in a careful trap,

A fugitive,

Watching, waiting.

Every face, every body has your eyes.

I keep moving,

Avoid surprise.

A risk of capture,

Two hearts,

Three hearts,

Beating to the same rhythm,

Singing the same music.

Life’s rich tapestry adopts a golden hue,

Harbouring a rough justice.




There’s crispness to the air tonight,

Electricity in the air tonight,

Success and failure,

Hanging in the air tonight.

Hidden amongst tenements,

Hidden amongst colours,

Bouncing off walls,

The echoes of your voice screaming my name.




This is my time,

My moment of clarity.

Fading room.

Blackground blurred.

Through trembling hands and doubtful eyes,

Vibrations in the air.

Could my destiny be caught?




Music and light and a sensuous penetration.

It kills the night,

It tears the night,

Salutes the infinite day.

Our colours united in heavenly machinery,

Pregnant with silver.

Love’s whispered kiss

My thirst for cares, not for feelings.

The first flush of disarray.




Sometimes I think there’s nothing but this day,

This night,

This moment.

Doomed to repeat.

Oh, happiness in the eternal.


We’ll run wild

And awake.

Freed as angels.



Alexander Wyatt is a poet and musician floating between London and Birmingham. He plays music in London pubs (think a pop Dylan) and has had poetry published on blogs such as Poetry Space (as well as in an anthology). Follow Alex: Instagram Soundcloud Facebook


This poem originally appeared in issue 6.