Creeping Obstacles in Kansas by Marcus Jansen

Creeping Obstacles in Kansas by Marcus Jansen, Courtesy UNIT A - Contemporary Art Space


We have always appreciated the intertwining of different art forms. For all the differences between written words, chiseled stone, photographic emulsion, and the sounds of an unaccompanied tenor, they all share a major similarity–human emotion. And we think that is the most beautiful thing that can exist.

Tallahassee's Force Majeure Quintet seems to share this love of the arts in all of its manifestations. To explore the complementary relationships between music and visual art, the woodwind ensamble commissioned Mars Hill University's Professor of Music, Alan Theisen, Ph.D. to compose a piece based on works of art. The composition, titled "Gallery" focuses on a painting and an instrument for each of the five movements.



In our Spring issue, we interview painter Marcus Jansen. He is the only living artist whose work is part of this project (the others being Monet, Klimt, Lichtenstein, and Mondrian). His painting Creeping Obstacles in Kansas is the inspiration for the fourth movement of "Gallery", which you can listen to above. Flutist Nicole Riccardo describes the music as evoking "the feeling of being unable to breathe". To imagine oneself as Dorothy in Jansen's dystopic universe, this suffocation seems just as appropriate as the ruby slippers.


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