"Cheer Up" by Dan Corjescu

"Looking Upward" by Cynthia Staples

"Invitation" by J.P. Christiansen

"The Poetic Fuck" by J.P. Christiansen

"Cherry Blossom" by John Stocks

"Bretton Hall: Spring" by John Stocks

"Love" by Nahshon Cook

"I'm not Ilya Kaminsky" by Dan Corjescu

"Quandaries" by Cynthia Staples


"Second Commandment" by Diana Rae Valenzuela

"Green Chanting" by Terence Kuch


Jessica Slagle

Julia Randall

Fashion and Beauty

"She spikes your dreams with madness" by Patrick Tiedtke

"Blackout!" by Sam Beasley

"and now I don't see you anymore" by Wolf189


"Edmund Spenser's Sonnet 30" by L'Allure des Mots


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