"Human, Nothing More" by James O'Sullivan

"Connecticut (Or Elsewhere)" by Ben Nardolili

"20/10/11 Rubbles" by Alexander Wyatt

"A Night Out On Loneliness" by Dan Cuddy

"15/10/11 Piccadilly, Manor House" by Alexander Wyatt

"Everyday People: 3" by Nahshon Cook

"A Poem That May Or May Not Be About July" by Dan Cuddy

"Today" by Nahshon Cook

"Sociology" by Dan Corjescu

"Prophetic Pain" by Dan Corjescu

"The Last Man" by Holly Day

"Cold" by Holly Day

"Barzakh Variations" by Ben Nardolili


"Confession Box" by James Claffey

"Broken" by Tony Roman

"Magic Soap" by Katherine Villari



Francis Matthews

Kate Zambrano

Fashion and Beauty

"Natalya" by Bryan Benoit

"Nettie" by Clay Lipsky



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