"California Sax" by Bradley Mason Hamlin

"Splitting Indifference" by A.J. Huffman

"For People Confusing Young Black Men, Like Myself, with Deer During Hunting Season" by Nahshon Cook

"Stagnant" by J. Bradford Flynn


"Song of the Supernova" by Chelsey Mertz

"Why We Are All Dogs" by Nathanael T. Jones

"Floorboards" by Oliver Zarandi

"Bella" by Christopher Alan

"Loneliness Can be Both Confronted and Relieved" by Alan Gawalko

"The Intern" by Jake Brukhman

"Lies" by Svad Isht Paratha

Fashion and Beauty

"The Edge of the Universe is at the End of the Street" photography by Wolf189

"Elisaveta" photography by Mireya Acierto

"The Reality Is..." photography by Sam Beasley


Ronit Baranga


"Pier 47" directed by Kosuke Furukawa


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