"A Door in the Spine" by Matthew Antonio

"Magnolia" by Benjamin W. Wild

"UnderPromise" by Marsha Singh

"The Months of Autumn" by J.P. Christiansen

"Bluebird Rain" by DLW Pesavento

"Finger Whispers" by DLW Pesavento

"Indiscriminately" by Peycho Kanev

"Armour" by Anthony Ward

"Quietness" by Peycho Kanev

"A Leg in the Room" by Matthew Antonio"


"Half Life" by Rebecca Dimyan

"The Failures" by Daniel Kenitz

"Cubby" by Giacomo Lee

"A Catalogue of the Oondi Collection" by Oliver Zarandi


Nicola Samorí

Fashion and Beauty

"Stephanie" by Ronan Budec

"Alone, Together" by Daniel Johannson

"Blue Man Groupie" by Sam Beasley


"I Sing the Body Electric by Walt Whitman" by L'Allure des Mots


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