"Special Delivery" by Marina Kris

"Joining Up" by John Grey

"The Orchid in his Kitchen" by Cynthia Staples

"Penpals: 1" by Nahshon Cook

"When My Eyes Are Closed" by Lisa Pellegrini

"When the Guard Wasn't Looking" by Tony Magistrale

"Six Contemporary Women" by Mitch Grabois

"Cets Mots Pathetique" by Justin Rigamonti

"The Salesman" by Justin Rigamonti

"Posing" by Marina Kris

"We loved the same woman" by Benjamin W. Wild


"Fixation" by Anthony Ward

"Boys They Bring Her Down to Break" by Graham Tugwell

"A Universal Sensation" by Yarrow Paisley


Oleg Dou

Anders Krisar

Fashion and Beauty

"Cool It!" by Sam Beasley

"Lady J" by Xylux

"Concrete Jungle" by Jason Bassett


"Lola Revolver" by Bill Chen


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